Paintless Dent Removal

At Auto Body Smash Repairs our paintless dent removal repair technique allows the damaged panel to be repaired without affecting the vehicle’s paint finish.

Working from the rear and in front of the affected panel, our technicians use specially designed tools to massage the metal or aluminium back to its original structure.

This technique is much quicker and more cost effective than traditional repair and paint methods.

The dent is removed leaving an undetectable result while maintaining the integrity of the painted surface, provided the paint finish has not been fractured or scratched beyond the surface.

Our system and expertise allow us to achieve successful results on dents that most other panel and paintless dent removal repairers would not even attempt, most importantly your vehicle maintains its original factory finish which will enhance your resale value dramatically.

Auto Body Smash Repairs assessment and affordable pricing on dent removal is based on three factors.

1. Size of the dent

Generally, flat dents the size of an apple can be removed without difficulty.

Larger dents which are shallow can also be removed.

2. Sharpness of dent

With sharpness comes metal or aluminium stretch and with it comes difficulty of manipulating the metal or aluminium to return to its original position.

Our technicians are the best to advise you of this issue.

3. Location of dent

As paintless dent removal is carried out from the rear of the dent, we require access to that point.

Access can in a minority of cases, be restricted by such things as side intrusion bars, double metal skin and airbags.

Auto Body Smash Repairs successfully provide the following services:

  • Door Dent repairs
  • Hail Damage repairs
  • Bumper bar dents
  • Shopping trolley dents
  • Before sale preparation

Complimentary replacement vehicles are also available for paintless dent repairs.

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